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For the Waters are Come

Personal Battles Weave the Epic of a Kingdom

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Personal battles weave
the fabric of a Kingdom

Where do we come from? Four small, great stories, so simple and intricate, like the four directions of the conquered Mesoamerican universe, New Spain thereafter, and Mexico nowadays, make up this rich story.

In it, our ancestors –black slaves, Spanish adventurers, local Indians, and a healer from the Ming Dynasty in China– build the framework shaping the identity of the territory that we now call Mexico.

Four characters with strong personalities and different stories that occasionally intersect, "For the Waters are Come" tries to hold on to their
wanderings, desires, and misadventures, converging in the Great Flood of 1629.

The power of its waves will alter their lives and ours, for we stand on the backs of our ancestors. The new established order will fight the memory of what it used to be until they find a way to reconcile with it and with themselves.

Follow these brave explorers and survivors on a voyage that
crosses oceans and continents, until they make peace
with a future none of them could have ever imagined.

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For the Waters are Come

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