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Rosa Elena Rojas

Rosa Elena Rojas was born in Mexico City. Canada has been her home for ten years. A businesswoman since her arrival in Canada, she is a co-founder of Mexican Delight Gourmet, Inc., a corporation dedicated to the manufacture of corn and wheat tortillas and Mexican food.

She is a columnist in the newspaper Sin Fronteras and the magazine Spanglish, two very important Spanish publications that are distributed in British Columbia, Alberta and the north of Washington state in the United States. As a Spanish instructor, she taught an advanced Spanish conversation group at the Maple Ridge Public Library, B.C. She has volunteered in various non-governmental organizations that support the Latino community in Western Canada, such as the Institute for Mexicans Abroad and Mexican Community in Vancouver.

She completed her Master’s Degree in History of Mexico with the research The Brotherhood of Mulatos, Mestizos and Negros of the Holy Cross in Coyoacán, Mexico, XVII Century, which she presented at the LIII International Congress of Americanists. She has published several peer reviewed articles in specialized 276 For the Waters Are Come magazines and open edition journals such as Nuevo Mundo, Mundos Nuevos (New World, New Worlds).

Rosa Elena currently works for School District 43, Coquitlam Continuing Education, in British Columbia.